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Develop the Key Competency in Digital and AI Era

Data Mindset is the Core of Future Skills

Data Mindset empowers you to Speak, Think and Act with data effectively

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Unified curriculum is designed to meet different age groups of participants


Collaboration with different programmes to enrich the learning of data mindset


Successful completion of assessment will award the blockchain certification


Certified programme for trainer and facilitator to conduct Data Mindset workshop


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Trend of Competency Learning

Future of Jobs and Education

According to the “Future of Jobs Report 2020” of World Economic Forum, by 2025, 50% of all employees will need reskilling. In another research of Oxford University, it is predicted that about half of our current jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. From the education perspective, we should review what is the gap between current education curriculum and the necessary future skills that the world is demanding. According to “Top 10 skills of 2025” , half of the skills are related to problem solving. This highlights that navigating change and transformation in the digital era involves complex problem solving in digital contexts. Data literacy, the ability to read, write, analyze and communicate data in context, is an essential competency for deriving insights from data, which is central to problem solving. The journey of transformation in the digital era is full of challenges. In “Future of Education and Skills 2030”, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) proposed the “transformative competencies” to meet the challenges of 21 century. “Data literacy” was also mentioned as a core foundation addressing the digitization trend.

The Core of Data Mindset

Speak Data

From numbers to narrative

Think Data

From insights to innovation

Act Data

From action to habit

Data Mindset Project

Mindset Empowerment Programme (MEP)

Empowering Future Leaders with Data & AI Mindset

To better prepare our future leaders for the challenges in digital era, MEP integrates Data Mindset and AI Mindset to empower our students to become visionary future leaders, overcoming challenges in digital context and develop critical thinking when using Gen-AI tools.

Why Data Mindset Academy

Unified Curriculum

Same curriculum across different age groups and industries

Practical Learning

Learning through real life examples

No Pre-requisite

Suitable for anyone without any background knowledge of data

Certification Framework

Provide training programme for Students, Certified Trainers and Facilitators

Founding Team

Our Vision

We believe that to collaborate and communicate effectively in the digital world, everyone should be able to speak the data language, a new language other than the traditional languages that we can learning in schools. Data Mindset curriculum is developed to help everyone to empower the competence in data literacy and developing the self-confidence to pick up new data skills during the digital transformation journey.

Dr Victor Ng

Head of Academy

Andy Kwok

Head of Operation

Value of Unified Curriculum

Building Future Skills Pathway

Providing the most relevant curriculum to students in a timely manner

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